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Thank you all!                  June 11/15

When I started this project I viewed it in pretty simple terms - I would collect stories and tributes from Pearl Jam fans, put them together into a published book and present it to the band to show our love and appreciation...  Truth is, while I was more than up to and ready for the challenge I had assigned myself, I had no idea where this project would take me personally; the touching stories I would hear and the amazing friends i would make along the way - not simple at all, but rather life-changing and awesome...   I started this project a life-long Pearl Jam fan and a writer with an idea -  over two years later, and thanks to the hundreds of fans around the world who have supported this project and have contributed beautiful stories, art, love and thanks to Pearl Jam, I am so much more, and this idea is so much more...  Thank you for your support and for trusting me to deliver these tributes on your behalf in a way that honors that love - our love for Pearl Jam.   What a different life had I not found this love with you... Pearl Jam, Parachutes 

xo Lori, your Love Book Captain ;)

PS. We are still under construction for our "new website" - please check back often for awesome new content, contests, news - and, of course, a preview of the book!



We are honored to support the dedicated group of New York fans, led by Dan Sheffer, and their fan croundfund on  They are raising funds to bring Pearl Jam to the historic Forest Hills Stadium in Forest Hills, NY, and for various charities, including EB Research.  Check out their YouTube video >> and their website for more info

As of June 11/15 the campaign has raised over $146,000! - a record breaking amount for any fan crowdfund and a testiment to what hard work and determination can do!  Don't miss out on this piece of history! Click here to donate.


Also, be sure to check out their giveaways, events and weekly podcasts by following on facebook and twitter

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About the book

To Pearl Jam With Love is a collection of stories, love letters, thank-yous and tributes from fans across the globe. We asked fans for their submissions in the spring of 2013, and to date have received hundreds of heart-felt, amazing and creative tributes to the greatest band on the planet.  Some will make you cry, laugh, stare in amazement, and some may even make you just a tiny bit jealous...  Starting July 1/15 we will be, for the first time, sharing some of these with you - the waiting has driven me mad ;)

However, we are NOT closed for submissions....yet.  If you have not had a chance to finish that submission, or if you are hearing about this project for the first time - no worries you can still be part of this - BUT please send along your tributes ASAP to have a chance to be included in the printed version of the book which will be published, presented to the band and available for purchase worldwide in the summer of 2015.  

For more information about making a submission please click here.  If you are ready to submit simply email it to us (for large files, such as photos, please inquire about our dropbox option).  

Please spread the word! The more love the better!!